I'm Nerissa, or Neri,



 The founder and

creator of Everything Eco.



I prefer organic goods and to

be as eco-friendly as possible

so I built this website to make it

easier for people to find high

quality, conscious goods that are better

for you and the planet too.





Helping to create a softer earth is Everything Eco's goal and product policy.

the acronym is an easy way to help you know what qualities are upheld in EEco's products:


                 ~ Spiritual. Organic, Fair Trade. Ethical. Recycled.


                                            Eco. Artisan. Renewable. Transparent. Healthy. ~


                                                     and who doesn't like soft things?



I love educating people about how we can reduce our waste.

Sometimes it's really as simple as bringing your own straw and cup when I a buy juice/coffee to go.


The quote below by David Suzuki is very poignant and represents what Everything Eco is about.


Here's to health, abundance and joy for all,




           "Economics & ecology are derived from the same Greek word, oikos, meaning household or domain. 

                    Ecology is the study of home, while economics is its management.

                               Ecologists try to define the conditions & principles that enable a species to survive & flourish.

                            Yet in elevating the economy above those principles, 

                                 we seem to think we are immune

                                             to the laws of nature.


                We have to put the "eco" back into economics."


                                                                     -David Suzuki

Better for you and the planet too



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