Animal Communication

What if you could talk to animals & they could talk to you?




Anna Breytenbach has dedicated her life to what she calls interspecies communication. She sends detailed messages to animals through pictures and thoughts. She then receives messages of remarkable clarity back from the animals.

In this section, Anna transforms a deadly snarling leopard into a relaxed content cat.

The amazing story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit…



I discovered this clip sometime in early 2014 and was so relieved that this sort of thing existed as I feel there are too many animals that are exploited by humans. One of my aims in life is to help bring about great change regarding that.


Recently, I contacted an Animal Communicator, Edwina Gustafsan, who lives a vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle about my white cat, Nila, who hadn't been around for 23 hours. I had several more readings with her about them after.


I thought I would share the information.








July 2014


Dear Edwina,

I am worried about my white cat, Nila.

She has been missing for 23 hours with no micro chip or collar. I've called the vets, asked neighbours and looked for her... will she come home or do I need to keep looking and put signs up etc?


And if you could pass on anything she wants to tell me.. like if she is away for a reason? Please tell her I love her very much.. she is the light of my life and if I am a little too much with my affection, to please forgive me. (I am very affectionate-maybe too much so)


Edwina: This reading will be done with the next hour and a half.


Nerissa: I found Nila outside at around 4am!! She was sitting in a flower pot she likes to sleep in and was quite happy to stay there. Just wondering if you could tune into where she went.. if she was stuck, a bit lost -having a good time or just out for an adventrue? And if she has any things she wants to say. She seems fine... Also. I have another cat, black, Pippa, does she have anything she would like to say? I know I am too affectionate to her.. Nila is the affectionate one, Pippa likes her space... apart from me being too much I think she is ok.


Edwina: Ha! That is wonderful! I had a quick check in last night but was not in the right space to do a reading. ( If anything had just come to me I would have posted)

 I hoped and felt that Nila would come home and that this was for some other reason.

 There is a small area at the back that she was visiting. She was seeking a bit of rest/solitude where nobody would see her.


 She wanted to 'go solo' for a bit.


Your feeling that you are a little too affectionate is correct. She loves you as much as you love her, it is not about that. But she says that sometimes she wants to express her love in her own way and that she barely gets a chance because you go to her before she can demonstrate her way.


I must suggest that you think about getting her microchipped. A microchip does not guarantee anything but it is one thing you can do.


 Microchipping can be done as a ritual, as in 'You are officially my cat and I am officially your human'.


 So the message regarding affection is coming from both your cats. In unison, they remind you 'We have plenty to give you! Step back and allow us to give to you.'


This will allow the energy to flow in a more balanced and equal way between you and the cats. They, like all animal companions have a purpose to fulfill. Shift the energy by asking them what they want for you. They're trying to give to you and sometimes your affection inhibits the flow.


Also, Nila was not stuck at all when she was away. She wanted to express independence and free will and choice and individuality.


 Nila says to you 'Pippa and I are here for different reasons with each our own purpose'. She asks you to contemplate what each cat's soul brings to your life. Pippa wants you to do the things that you think about, and I feel it involves more writing/blogging/article​s.


Nila's msg is to continue to build the sacred energy in your home. She says to remove clutter and have around you only that which brings you joy.

I was hesitant to write this at first...but Nila's msg continues...She wanted you to contact me.  There is always a being who brings a person to me, sometimes it is a passed loved one or a spirit guide, sometimes it is an animal companion.

The cats are not upset at all about your affection, they just want a little bit of space to show you what they can give to you.


Nerissa: Wow, that is wonderful!! I love it.. thank you soooo much. Really important to hear these messages. I was also instructed by my guides to write more and declutter through Jess Ang Intuitive

that is amazing that the cats give those messages too.


I totally understand now and will try to do as they ask and thank you so much.

 ps she is microchipped but we never got the info updated- I got her second hand 2 years ago .. I will try to chill out and give them the space for them.


Nerissa: we are getting the chip updated. Glad to know they love me as much. I do want them to have as much freedom as possible but was worried that she hadn't been around at all... its a relief to know where she was at and that's what she needed. 







Aug 2014


 I think I have chilled out a bit more with being too affectionate. But am wondering.. do they know I might go away sometime... possibly for a long time/ What if I go away for a long time... like travel or whatever... will they be ok with out me?

What if I got a small dog too?


What do they want to eat-? An intuitive friend tuned into Pippa - apparently she wants only wants simple food . Would they go vegan?

 I live with my folks- I have for 4 years since my van was stolen in 2011- I've been sort of stuck here but am getting closer to being more financially abundant. In which case I will move out or go travelling... I feel bad if I leave the cats for a long time though.. I will miss them.. but I know my folks will love them a lot and love being able to have their company more. Can you let them know this will happen and that I will be back eventually?

Not sure how many questions 15 minutes can take.


 Is there anything they want to tell me? Can they see spirits and fairies and things? Sometimes I see them watching something that is not there.


 And on a side note can you connect to people who have passed on? I am wondering if you can connect to Robin Williams and see why he left us-what was wrong? If you can't do it in this reading I can pay for another... I just wanted to know if you could.

River Pheonix was brought to a reading when I was 23 .. without me asking.. my guides brought him in to show me that we live on.. I was devastated by his goal was to go to Hollywood to meet him - I wanted to marry him when I was younger ( as I am sure many girls did)  I was a burgeoning actor at the time and wanted to be famous so I could use my money and fame to do great things for the earth and animals- like he was. So just thought I would ask about Robin Williams.



 PS . I will share my story about River on your page if you like... I think you will find it very interesting.. I never told anyone about it until recently!! I waited 20 years! 





Ok so yes they can see faeries and spirits. They say 'we play with elemnental beings all the time. That's what we are doing when we move suddenly.'


Regarding small dog, at this time the dog who can join your household is a dog who resonates for your parents primarily. Your intention to travel is strong and your plans do not include taking animals with you so the dog that resonates with you will wait for a time when you are on a path that can accommodate your soul dog. The way you want to live with a dog, and your intention to travel, these 2 intentions cannot manifest at the same time. You can, however, love, care for and enjoy a dog that matches your parents' souls. If your parents are committed to caring for a dog for an open ended period of time, they can find this soul. Also, if you release your intention to have a dog in your life right now, you will make space for your parents to have a dog and you will also, and importantly, make your intention to travel more clear. For you, and for obvious reasons, wanting your own soul dog and wanting to travel are sending mixed messages to the universe, and manifesting neither. Prioritise travel, or dog? And then commit to your priority.


Your cats don't want to be vegan


They are willing to try the occassional vegan food, more as a product review for your site and fb page

they say some vegan is ok, but not if you are trying to convert them to full vegan.


You don't have to wait till you have your own place to give them the occassional vegan food

regarding travel, yes they know of the beg oct , I think you told them already

they look forward to seeing you when you return and they want you to make a fuss

of them, they like that reunion energy

they know of your intention to travel in the future and they know they'll be cared for by your parents. They say it is part of the contract, part of what they agreed to when they came into your life. 'We know you're a little bit gypsy' they say.


Robin Williams


When I was told about his passing, I saw him instantly, hovering in silvery light in my bathroom!


He said, with humour and a lot of joy 'I have never felt so relaxed in my life, nanoo nanoo'. He was so light and joyful, I could not feel sad about his passing.


He was depressed, you know that right?


He was tired of it, even tho he had found ways to temporarily feel better (drugs, meds etc)


He also wanted to release his wife from the pain

she had been living for so long with the possibilitiy of his suicide he just wanted to release her from that.

He says that she will be okay and he knows she has things to do past his death



Ok, I also feel you have so many things you=want to do and can do, in each day and in life and you can achieve a lot in life. Key msg for you is PRIORITISE. You have many threads to follow, and you will get tangled if you don't put some aside. If you are tangled, you will move slowly. If you pick up the key threads, you can build momentum


Reading Oct 28 2014



Has something bad happened at Nila's first home?


She was a little aggressive if one got too close when I first got her but she has chilled out a lot, come to love and trust me. I would SO love her to learn how to play with Pippa.. Pippa is SO sweet and LOVES to play..she is always trying to play with Nila... Nila hisses at her but they are getting closer all the time and I push them together when they are lying together and they end up cuddling.. its really sweet. Is there anything they want me to know? I have been trying to give them heaps of space.


Edwina: In Nila's previous home, the affection and attention was sporadic and irregular. She never knew if they were going to pay her any attention or not. She adopted an abrupt, defensive manner that is slowly melting away. She knows that she can trust you, and she enjoys Pippa's presence.


Nila was around moodiness and bad temper, so she's wary of just softening into the space you have provided. She likes when you snug them together, it helps her feel warm and gets her into good habits - which is how she wants to be. She likes affection and she is feeling okay with you becoming more touchy again now.


If Pippa likes playing with toys,  engage her in gentle play when Nila is there. Nila needs to watch and learn. Her playfighting and chasing instincts weren't stimulated in her past home, and she needs to learn/re learn.

She's not playful in the same way as Pippa, but there is certainly more space in Nila for playful interaction. Imagine you are demonstrating and teaching Nila to play. Your involvement is needed with Pippa. Nila is not ready for very feisty play. She needs to observe gentle batting a soft toy kind of play or rolled up paper ball or a ball.


Jan 14/2015


I asked about all the spiders around me lately.. they are every where!! In my van.. above the gate when you walk into the house, outside the kitchen door and more.


I asked: What would the spiders around me like to say to me?To me, spiders represent fear. When spiders appear, it means you are challenging yourself to move through your fears. The mama spider and her little spider babies in your car….facing fears head on, and letting there be a positive ripple effect in your life. Seems the car spiders who perished already knew they were doomed when they went to your car. They were messengers, sent to pass on message and leave. If it wasn't you, then birds would have eaten them quite soon. They had were born with very limited life spans.If you're encountering spiders still, it's facing fears and they also seem to be speaking of money coming in. There's a leggy one, like a daddy long legs near bathroom or kitchen window, somewhere where you have taps. He says 'Leave the window of opportunity open.' He's saying don't say no to any possible income generating ideas at this time. At least one will come into fruition. Stay open. The banner over your head right now says 'Bring it on! I am ready!' In tiny small print it may say 'I'm scared' but nobody will read that bit.

Me : I am sorry for

having to pull down their webs but they are too close to the door and gate .

Door and gate. Gateways, openings, endings, closure. Things are finally beginning to move as you had hoped. Be sure to let fresh air into your life, don't close yourself in. Crack a window. (keep security in mind of course) Now is a time to let things flow towards you. Don't stay in places that feel stuffy or stagnant.



Better for you and the planet too



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