Biodegradable bags

BioBag Australasia is an Australian-owned company that is part of the BioBag International worldwide partnership. BioBag Australasia started operations in 2003 and is now recognised as the leading player in compostable films and bags, and innovative solutions.

BioBag is at the forefront of bioplastic technology. This means BioBag products are made with the highest proportion of sustainable renewable resources to produce stronger, better, lighter bags and films that enhance everyday living and help preserve our planet. BioBag uses compostable inks and sustainable packaging.


BioBag has been in the world of bioplastics from the start. They have pioneered the effective uses of bioplastics in many applications, particularly in the area of effective waste management where their systems play an important role in getting food waste out of landfill and into compost. 


Organic waste can form up to 50% of the waste stream – a huge quantity – but much goes to landfill where organic waste creates greenhouse gases. Meanwhile Australian soils cry out for more compost to enhance growth and importantly to retain water and reduce erosion. BioBag has pioneered an innovative approach to the collection of organic waste in Australia, and through cooperation with many councils, individuals and organisations is helping to bring about this positive change. 

Better for you and the planet too



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