​Dandelion makes "eco-ssentials" for baby: organic cotton rattles, teethers, developmental and plush toys; organic cotton canvas tote bags; organic cotton layette; bamboo rattles, teethers and plush toys; even toddler feeding products made from corn!​


Savvy parents are more concerned than ever about what their babies touch and teethe. The Dandelion brand gives you peace of mind, quality materials and processes, and thoughtful, earth-friendly choices.

Greener living, greener things for baby

Creative designs, appealing colours, simple shapes ... a comprehensive line of natural and organic products, specially wrapped in innovative packaging. Each item comes in a custom designed card or sleeve, which “locks” into place using the product’s unique features. No twist ties; no plastics; no cellophane wraps – just 100% recycled paper and vegetable ink. And the packaging sleeve system also reduces the overall size of the package. A smaller package size means less fuel is used for transportation. Less fuel and less waste equals less impact on the environment.

Dandelion ... better for your baby, better for the environment.​


Dandelion - the eco division of Re-Think It, Inc.

Dandelion's mission is to provide products that are safe for families and easy on the environment by using eco-conscience materials, minimal packaging and green office practices. The company is an American-owned family business located in Florida and has been working with factories in Asia for more than 20 years. Through factory visits and batch testing, the company assures high quality products meeting stringent US and EU safety standards.

Dandelion products do not contain BPA and do not contain phthalates. They fully comply with US toy safety standard ASTM F963, European toy standard EN71 and the newest set of US Consumer Products Safety Improvements Act (CPSIA) testing requirements.

Dandelion is committed to ethical and responsible business practices in all aspects of its business operations. Re-Think It conducts its business with a regard for human rights and respect for the environment. It actively seeks manufacturers that have similar commitments and standards. To this end all manufacturers of Re-Think It merchandise and their vendors are required to meet minimum standards set forth in the company's Code of Conduct.

Re-Think It, the parent company of Dandelion, is committed to ethical and responsible business practices in all aspects of its business operations. Re-Think It conducts its business with a regard for human rights and respect for the environment and seeks manufacturers that have similar commitments and standards.
All manufacturers of Re-Think It merchandise and their vendors are required to meet the following minimum standards:​​

Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Manufacturers will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including local and national codes, rules and regulations, applicable treaties and industry standards. Additionally, manufacturers must comply with the Manufacturer Code of Conduct.

Safety and Health: ​​​Conditions in all work and residential facilities provided by the manufacturer must be safe, clean and consistent with all applicable laws and regulations, ensuring reasonable access to clean water and sanitary facilities, fire safety and adequate ventilation.
Child Labour: Manufacturers will not use child labour. No worker shall be employed under the age of 15 (or 14 where local law allows), or under the age of completion of compulsory education, or under local legal minimum age for employment.

Forced Labour: The use of forced or involuntary labour is not permitted.

Coercion and Harassment: Manufacturers shall ensure that no worker is subject to any physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.

Discrimination: ​​​Discrimination in hiring and employment practices, including working conditions, job assignments, salary, benefits, promotions, discipline, termination or retirement on the basis of gender, race, ethnic or social origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, national origin, political opinion or disability is prohibited.


Working Hours: ​​​Except in extraordinary business circumstances, workers shall not be required to work more than the legally prescribed limits, or 60 hours per week. One day off in every seven day period shall be provided. Manufacturers will comply with applicable laws that entitle workers to vacation time, leave periods and holidays.

Compensation: ​​​Wages are essential to meeting employees' basic needs. Manufacturers will compensate employees by providing wages, including overtime hours at such premium rates as is legally required. In situations where legal minimum wage does not cover a decent living, vendors are encouraged to provide more adequate compensation to meet basic needs. Manufacturers will provide employee benefits in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
Environmental Compliance:​​​ Manufacturers must comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We encourage our manufacturers to minimize their impact on the environment by striving to reduce waste, energy use, and emissions to air, ground and water; handle, store and dispose of materials in an environmentally safe manner; pursue factory recycling and reuse initiatives; and implement environmentally friendly technologies.
Publication: ​​​Code of Conduct must be communicated to all employees. Code of Conduct is to be prominently posted, in the local language, ensuring that it is readily accessible to employees at all times.
Did you know?
Dandelion takes very seriously their social responsibility obligations. Their suppliers work with mills and manufacturing facilities that adhere strictly to fair labour practices.​​

Better for you and the planet too



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