At home with Neri: Clear your Space, Declutter!


Being highly organised & clutter free makes life easier and more enjoyable.

Decluttering service



Eeco's philosophy is that it is easier to deal with life when one's environment is highly functional - that means being ultra organised. I can fix things for you, fast or at what ever pace you feel comfortable with.

I offer excellent & creative storage solutions & ideas. If you have a small budget we can still create magic,I declutter sustainably ... so what ever you decide to shed, I do it for you, by donating, recycling or giving it to someone in need. Eeco does not throw things in the trash, we reuse, repurpose, recycle what you have and as a last resort may have to say put things in landfill. I have some Feng Shui knowledge to which can add to the mix.



 I have quite a lot of experience so I charge 50$ an hour which is the minimal rate for a declutterer.  We can negotiate a price if it is too much or able to trade. I do a lot of trade through LETS.



You must be there for the process as they are your things and you will have to decide what to keep and what to shed unless you want to leave it up to me.. but then you must accept what I do.


Nerissa, it wasn't hard to notice your almost instinctual habit of decluttering and making spaces more accessible and tidy. As you know our home is quite small but you worked with what space was there to make it more practical, tidy and beautifully cared for. We both think you have a great talent and eye for this, keep it up!

Tessa Francis, Mullumbimby



Nerissa was a whirlwind decluttering my place, turning mess into order quickly and effectively! Thanks Nerissa!

Ziggy, Newtown




Turned chaos to order, beautifully! Thanks so much Nerissa for your brilliant efforts decluttering my apartment. The space is so much more beautiful and liveable now - I really can't thank you enough! Now I have to work on keeping it that way, but your storage solutions will make that easier. I would have no hesitation recommending your efficient, reliable services to anyone needing help decluttering their living space.

Debbie Edwards, Coogee


Better for you and the planet too



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