Softer Earth Policy

Product & Store Policy



Our store product policy is S.O.F.T.E.R E.A.R.T.H because it is easy to remember. It is the way we do business and how are products are made –


We are a wholistic business- 


We'd like to help others achieve a healthy happy mind, body and spirit.

Which will, in turn, help create a happier and healthier society.


Spiritual - being in touch with spirit is an important part of life.


All of our products are environmentally sustainable because they are Organic, Fair-Trade, Ethical (meaning we don't exploit the earth, people or animals- we are cruelty free, slave free and work with other ethical companies), Re-s (Reuseable, recycled/able) , Eco, Artisan, Renewable, Transparent, and or Healthy (and made with a lot of heart/love).


This policy works in conjunction with our SOFTER EARTH TEAM site, which is Our mission.


When you shop with us you are often helping more than just one charity as many of our products' companies also donate to charity.



Packaging & Gift wrapping


All of our distrubutors use Eco boxes for their packaging as do we and we often upcycled them.

The magority of our products are chosen because they are more environmentally friendly including the packaging... not quite all of our products are as eco friendly as we would like but overall are a better product and help to eliminate waste- for example, our steel straws come in plastic packging, unfortunately, (plastic can be recycled at Coles) -reusing the straws and bringing them with you if you are out and about will save a lot of plastic garbage.

If  you require gift wrap for your order we are able to wrap it beautifully and include a little lovely note, please contact us.

Our packaging for posting is most often reused but sometimes we have to purchase a new pack and will go for the greener option. All sticky tape, glue, and penmanship is used from buyecogreen or artisan from Etsy. 





Please choose wisely as we only give refunds if a product is damaged. We pack up all delicate goods with a lot of care so they stay in their perfect shape.


Privacy policy

All details are kept private and for no other use as Everything Eco respects privacy.


Sustainable business practices.
EEco recycles everything, collect our plastic to make into plastic bricks or recycle it at coles. Go plastic-free as much as possible, only drink filtered tap water our of reused bottels or harmonic glass, upcycle, eat and shop ethically, use Eco stationery products, attend eco events
volunteer at Responsible Runners to help with beach cleans, ask cafes to get on board with Responsible Cafes,
use have used green printers for business cards and now use brown paper to give logos to people,
use baskets as the majority of storage, old suitcases and upcycled boxes, second hand furniture and one computer, 
use some solar batteries and solar torches at night inside the house, compost, clicks on Click to Give everyday we work  and donate to charities. 
From April 2016 Everything Eco website and other electric needs are used with solar energy!
We use bamboo toilet paper from Pure Planet or recycled from Who Gives a Crap.
We use recycled tissues and all other products from this shop.
All our products are healthier for you & healthier for the planet, too.
We are kind towards animals, palm-oil free, gmo free & chemical free,
 keep plastic to a minimum as much as possible, preferring to sell things from glass
bottles & minimising plastic packaging.
 Maybe you'd like to take the plastic-free challenge every July
& go plastic free as much as you are able
Eeco mission is to help create a kinder, more healthy  & happy world for all.
We hope you enjoy your experience with Everything Eco.
We thank you for your patronage and hope you return in future – you are helping build a healthier and happier world with each purchase.
Many thanks &
kind regards from,
Nerissa Dowling


Better for you and the planet too



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