Web & Graphic Design

Web Design, Mobile Version, Graphics for social media

are part of the services I offer -

having been described as being very intuitive with design

my clients are happy with the ease of working with me and the end result.

I make websites quite quickly.

I consult with you about the design and changes as many times as needed so that you love it.

Everything Eco is designed and managed by me.


Costs involved:  hosting ~

that's like renting a space ~ see prices here

& your own domain name (usually about $12-32 but sometimes cheaper from Go Daddy or Crazy Domains). You can maintain your own site quite easily or I can do it for you or you can hire another person.

Web maintenence, social media, marketing is important- which are things I can help you with too.

Recently, I had decided to have Nerissa help me with my website, but I’m in a very busy time in my life and kept putting off our discussion of what it was I wanted, aside from a few details. She took inspiration from my current site and glammed it up with pink sparkles, which everyone knows are my favorite. The next day she had created something so fancy with new tabs and features that I got excited yet fearful of all the change so fast. I still didn’t know what I wanted. I picked apart everything I didn’t like and through my process of elimination, she came up with something I began to love.  
Everyday I’d wake up to an improved version of what she had done the day before and bit by bit, we pieced it together. I wanted perfection. “Can you center this? This should be plural. Um, get rid of that. Add this. Delete that. Shrink this and move it there.” For someone who didn’t know what she wanted, I sure was demanding. She not only met my demands but asked me for more. She went above and beyond and added features that didn’t occur to me. She works fast and I couldn’t keep up with her.  
Thanks to Nerissa for taking the burden of feeling overwhelmed off me so I could focus on my work. It’s important to her that I get my site just right and I appreciate her patience while I take my time exploring. I invite everyone to go have a peek at my new website, www.silverlininghealings.com and her FB page, https://www.facebook.com/designbyneri/. She has done sites for several CE members and I am happy to be included as one of her satisfied customers. Besides her creativity and competence, what I appreciated most about working with her was HER. She was kind, patient, and assured me that I would be happy with the end result. I sure am. ♡ Kari Silver Lining Mena
Thanks GF.

Nerissa was wonderful at helping me start the process of creating my website.

She is very knowledgeable and very resourceful.

Feather Blessings  

Healings Through Spirit


I just wanted to reach out a give a big thank you to Nerissa Dowling for her incredible work and artistic design on my new website. Would like to thank her for an outstanding job on designing my new website and getting it up and running. Not only did she knock the ball out of the park, but she educated me how to make adjustments and changes as needed in the future. I highly recommend her and her work.

Ryan Adragna

“I loved working with Neri!  She had a great sense of what I wanted my new website to look like, and was the perfect blend between going with my ideas and offering helpful suggestions.  She also was incredibly patient and a brilliant teacher.  I highly recommend using Neri for all of your graphic design needs!”

Pam Rowen-Herzog

"Nerissa is very talented at developing ideas and designing websites.  Her enthusiastic nature and desire to give you a marketable website makes working with her an utmost pleasure as she has your businesses best interest at heart. Nerissa will collaborate and guide you through the process so that your website is a reflection of your message. She works quickly and diligently to publish your site quickly. There is no need to feel intimidated by not knowing how to go about publishing and running a website with her guidance, she is understanding and patient.  I totally recommend her."

~ Celestine Grace


In the world of graphic art, design and presentation material, and in the world of Website Work, allow me to recommend my friend Neri who has come to our rescue at the FREE ENERGY PARTY after being promised the moon by multiple well meaning folk, she is a talented and caring media artist. I am so proud to know her !!!"

Dave Parker. Free Energy Party, Texas, USA

*** Neri is awesome. She patiently held my hand throughout the development of my website and fed me the right level of information at a pace at which I could absorb it, empowering me to create a website I am very proud of. Then she gave me some amazing leads for outsourcing critical work at stunningly good prices. Wow - Neri really knows her stuff. She designs and builds great websites too and was happy to do mine but on this occasion I really needed to be very hands on so she set me up and then got out of the way with good grace and humour, standing by like a good parent as I stumbled along learning how to crawl, walk and then run. When I needed her after a nasty fall and a scraped knee she was there with bandaids and loving support. I'm so happy I listened to Neri's advice and followed up on all the leads she provided. I wholeheartedly recommend her services - not everyone wants to do it themselves and many that would love to just don't have the time. 10/10

Alf Wheeler

Nerissa did some work for me and she was very creative with her design. And she was always willing to make time for me when we needed to have a video chat. I have a young son and a budding business. Both take up alot of my time. I was so happy that Nerissa was able to pick up on the website design as I was far too busy to do it on my own. She had brilliant ideas and helped me to have creative moments as well. Anything that I wanted on the website we would have a chat about it and see if it made sense and Nerissa would figure out how to put it on the site. I'm super happy I worked with Nerissa and I'd recommend her to anyone!! :)

Sabrina Campbell- Sixth Sensabilities

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