3 Compartment Lunch Box 7.8" x8" x3"

17.78cm x 20.32cm x 7.62cm

Molded construction designed for strength and upscale appearance

Recessed lids allow container stacking

Dual tab closures

Microwave and freezer safe

Dispose in the waste paper recycling stream or compost bin.

Pack Info:

2 Sleeves x 100 Units

Carton Dimensions = 45.72cm x 36.83cm x 21.59cm 

Carton Weight = 7.62kg

54 Cartons Per Pallet

Pallet Height = 2.09m

Disposal Options:


3 Compartment Lunch Box

  • DHL-83 -3 Compartment Lunch Box 7.8 Price: $52.40 Quantity Per carton: 200

Better for you and the planet too



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