The TC ALLADIN FAMILY carafe is the standard version in the TC carafe range. The shape of the carafe has been designed to restructure water molecules. For information about Structured Water, visit our website:

The Flower of Life symbols has been emblazoned into the base in 22 carat gold to further enhance the revitalising, energetic influence of the glassware.

 The cavity resonance of the ALLADIN FAMILY is tuned to the sound frequency of the note C. The main information carried by this frequency is that of an empathetic caring consciousness. It therefore promotes mutual harmony.

Alladin Family Carafe 2.3L

  • "TC" carafes have been designed according to the principles of harmonic sound translated into physical form and "Sacred Geometry" - specifically the Fibonacci Sequence. The unique waved-shape of the glassware is inspired by the music of TC Chochola and formed using mathematical ratios found throughout the natural world. The 6-wave structure mirrors the crystallisation of revitalised water, which exhibits a 6-fold structure when in its pure state. The generation of harmonic resonance is the core focus of the TC design, positively affecting plants, animals and people. The silent vibration within the carafe creates waves of resonance that revitalises water and other liquids and energises the surrounding environment.The revitalising action of the carafe's internal chamber communicates with the water within it, and restructures the molecules to their original integrity.

Better for you and the planet too



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