Bio Mineral Pot 1000 set the benchmark for bench top dome filter systems with a tap outlet. For nearly 30 years this system has continued to evolve and offer superior filtration, value and quality. The most recent evolution of the Bio 1000 is due to overwhelming demand for fluoride removal in our premium range.

BMP 1000 10 Litre Bench top filter system

  • Providing clean, great tasting alkaline mineral water and includes filter set for up to 5 years usage, based on 8 litres per day. Featuring an unmatched 14 stages of sterilising, filtration & activation! Multi stage cartridges contain: Activated silver ionised carbon, carbon resin, alkaline minerals, magnets & other filter medium. Filtering out chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride & bacteria, bad taste and odour etc. 10 Litre reservoir capacity makes it ideal for domestic & light commercial use.

Better for you and the planet too



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