Calming Remedy is a blend of nervine and calming herbs that assist with general well being. For the safety of animals, all ingredients are sourced from human naturopathic manufacturers and blended by an animal naturopath.

Calming Remedy

  • Scullcap, withania, chamomile, astragalus. Maintenance Cats 2-3 drops x 2 daily Dogs 10kilos: 1.5ml x 2 daily 20kilos: 3ml x 2 daily 40kilos: 6ml x 2 daily 60kilos: 7ml x 2 daily Single Use Application eg. storm Double recommended dosage and administer as follows: 1 hour before event, 1/2 hour before event, and again just before leaving pet. Testimonials We have a retriever puppy, she was wimpering nearly all night in our laundry room, this went on for 4 nights, I went to the pet store and they said to use CALM from natural animal solutions, I was sceptical that it would work, but it did, amazing product. Our pup slept through all night, this is just an email to say thank you. We have a 10month old baby girl as well, and she has just started to sleep through the night, then we get a pup that was waking us up all the time, so we are very relieved now that both babes are sleeping through the night. Thanks from Hannah haskew-jones All the ladies at the Banyo Showroom are always lovely and helpful!! They recommended this to me after hearing my puppy saga! Thank you! Cat

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