✔ Vegan  ✔ Vegetarian

・Weight: Net 250ml (Gross 600g)
・Shelf life: 8 months
・Storage requirement: Keep in a cool dry place away from light and heat.
・Please consume as early as possible after opening


Carwari Organic BBQ Sauce 250ml

  • Carwari Organic BBQ Sauce is made from a variety of organic vegetables and fruits and has a hint of spiciness. The processing method uses a type of Kombu seaweed (Hokkaido Kelp) instead of yeast extract. This adds an extra Umami flavour. Naturally fermented vinegars also contribute to making it taste milder & lighter. This product is best for (but not limited to) Traditional & Modern Asian cuisine, Deep-fried dishes, Steak.

Better for you and the planet too



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