Agave Nectar is a natural sweetener made from the Mexican native plant Blue Agave Tequilana Weber. It is not thick and flows easily. As it is sweeter than sugar or honey, it is a great alternative sweetener. Also you can obtain the same sweetness with having less calories. 

350g glass bottle
Shelf Life: 2 Years 

Rich and deep flavour 

Carwari Organic Dark Agave Nectar 350ml

  • Use as a substitute of Sugar especially Brown Sugar – Yogurt, Pancakes, Cold drinks (Coffee), Baking, Stir fries, Desserts 100% Organic Agave (Blue Agave Tequilana Weber) Low GI (only 1/3 or 1/4 of Sugar or Honey) Natural Sweetener High degree of sweetness - 1.3 times of sugar Contains Inulin, a type of fructans and it is a soluble fibre Soluble in cold drinks Does not cause dental problems

Better for you and the planet too

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