The Energy Hot Plate is a fine, glazed terracotta plate with a cork pad insert. Hand-made to specific dimensions, each item is a unique piece created by European craftsmen. The Flower-of- Life symbol has been glazed onto the ceramic to energetically enhance and revitalise whatever is placed upon it.

The Flower-of-Life symbol has been known and used for millennia in different cultures of the world, including its use with food vitalisation and storage. The pleasing hexagonal design complements the golden Flower-of-Life symbol and aligns the energy plate with cyclical planetary movements. Simply set your hot dish upon the plate and after approximately 3 minutes the liquid or solid food will be biologically enhanced by the waves of harmonic resonance that are emitted by the plate.

Energy Hot Plate 23cm

  • The shape and symbol scheme of the energy hot plate can also be used to harmonise “energy-charged places”, or to intensify or concentrate wishes or visions. To do so, simply place a note containing the respective wishes on the TC energy hot plate (when it is cool). The TC energy plate is suitable for everyday use. Clean the TC energy plate by hand using gentle cleaning products, in order to avoid damaging the symbols fired into the piece. TC energy plates are suitable for use with glass and ceramic vessels. DIMENSIONS: 23cm MATERIAL: Hand-made glazed terracotta PRODUCTION: Manufactured using traditional techniques, each product is a unique piece. NOTE: The dimensions may differ slightly due to the hand-made production process. There may be very slight differences.

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