FORBIDDEN Organic Green Rice infused with Bamboo Juice Extract - 500g

Green rice is a organic short grain brown rice, infused with bamboo extract. Named after its appealing green appearance, green rice is flavourful, nutrition rich and easy to cook. Completely unique and innovative, we at Forbidden Foods are proud to be the only business in Australia offering this type of rice. It is a exciting experience that really livens up the traditional brown rice and white rice grain.
Taste and Smell the Goodness
The infusion of the bamboo extract gives the organic brown rice a lovely subtle green-tea flavour and aroma, with a mild nutty texture. The beautiful leafy green colour is retained when cooked. It works well in sushi and risottos due to its sticky profile, but works just as well in everyday rice dishes. This innovative grain is a standout choice. 

Forbidden Green Rice Health Benefits
This organic brown rice is a great source of fibre and protein.

Forbidden Foods Organic Green Rice

  • Organic High In Fibre High In Protein Gluten Free Wheat Free 100% Whole Grain Contains Chlorophyll Non-GMO

Better for you and the planet too



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