SPF balm? 

Hurraw's Sun balm contains zinc oxide and is 100% natural. It is independently lab tested (on humans!) to a rating of SPF15.

Candelilla wax

High quality candelilla wax is sustainably, wildcrafted from candelilla plants in Mexico. This fabulous wax is combined with raw cold pressed oils and butter to provide a lasting protective shield.

Vegan. Gluten Free, Soy Free, Shea, GMO free.

All flavours are derived from 100% natural sources. Most come from pure essential oils, the others (Rootbeer, Chai Spice, Chocolate, Green Tea, Black Cherry) are made from 100% natural, organically-derived flavour compounds through various processes of distillation extraction.

Hurraw! Exotic Lip Balms

  • Oval Tube: Hurraw! Balm comes in an oval tube (USA made/BPA free) for one reason: so that it doesn't escape from the back jeans pocket. It's also now up to 50% of recycled content. Hurraw's hope is that using recycled plastics becomes easily attainable for all manufacturers using plastics. Recyclable? Being an environmentally conscious company Hurraw ships in recycled & recyclable corrugated packaging. Wholesale packs are made from 100% post-consumer paperboard using 100% wind power. Oval tubes are recyclable #5 plastic... #5 is a tough one at times to recycle locally. Please check with your local recycling centre about recycling plastics and if they don't recycle #5, encourage them to do so! Did you know that almost all screw on plastic bottle caps and prescription bottles are #5 plastic? There is a huge amount of #5 circulating and a big need for its recycling. Preserve's "Gimme 5" program is awesome and they are making it easier than ever to recycle #5 plastics in the USA. Shelf Life: Hurraw! balms are shipped fresh; most are less than one week old when they ship. They do not contain any artificial preservatives. It's recommended to use your tube of Hurraw! Balm within a year of opening (fyi, stability tests place expiration at 3 years 'on the shelf') and store it between 40-72F (4-22C).

Better for you and the planet too



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