KIN KIN Lime & Eucalypt Dishwash Liquid 



Product Ingredients


Coconut-based anionic & non-ionic surfactants (no alcohol ethoxylate, LAS or SLS), rain water, potassium citrate, glycerine, blue gardenia extract, lime essential oil, organic eucalypt essential oil.

KIN KIN NATURALS Dishwash Liquid Lime 550ml

  • A Noosa Hinterland based family business, passionate about making local, all natural cleaning products that actually work- use only ingredients you can put in our yown backyard or close to your children's skin. Family= Dad - Felix - is a PhD-qualified formulator, who used to work for OMO. His skills level is unique in the world of eco products Mum - Sandy - is in charge of production and also develops the packaging designs.

Better for you and the planet too



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