Sodium carbonate (washing soda), sodium percarbonate (oxygen releasing soda, rather than a chlorine bleach), sodium citrate (water softener based on citrus rather than poorly biodegradable petrochemicals), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), anionic surfactant (no SLES, LAS or alcohol ethoxylate), lime essential oil, organic eucalypt essential oil.

KIN KIN NATURALS Oxygen Whitener 1.2kg

  • A Noosa Hinterland based family business, passionate about making local, all natural cleaning products that actually work- use only ingredients you can put in our yown backyard or close to your children's skin. Family= Dad - Felix - is a PhD-qualified formulator, who used to work for OMO. His skills level is unique in the world of eco products Mum - Sandy - is in charge of production and also develops the packaging designs.

Better for you and the planet too



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