Ki Immune Defence and Energy  Formula is a high potency herbal medicine formulated to support the immune system and energy production. The herbs in Ki have been used to help increase the number of white blood cells and enhance the activity of the body’s natural killer cells, supporting immune system health.

Ki may also help reduce the risk, severity and duration of colds and post viral fatigue.

Ki may boost energy production and be of assistance during times of general fatigue and stress, recovery from illness, post operative convalescence and post childbirth recovery.

The powerful antioxidant properties of the plant  extracts in Ki assist with the body's general health including the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system.

Herbal Extracts in the Ki Formula:

Astragalusis a popular Chinese herb used to help enhance the immune system, energy production and digestion. Astragalus is also an antioxidant. and free radical scavenger.

Shiitake Mushroom helps to enhance the immune system and is rich in nutrients. Lentinan, a polysaccharide in Shiitake is a widely recognised and respected compound to help strengthen the immune system.

Olive leaf is a potent antioxidant and to helps support a healthy cardiovascular system. Olive Leaf is also a powerful herb that assists with general health and well being.

MARTIN & PLEASANCE Ki Immune & Energy Tablets 30

  • Boost White Blood Cells, Immune System Support, Energy and Stamina, Reduce Risks of Colds, Reduce Fatigue, Antioxidant, Recovery From, Illness, Promotes Healthy Digestion, Assists Cardiovascular Health Ingredients: Each tablet contains herbal extracts equivalent to the dried herbs: Astragalus membranaceus root 5g (Astragalus), Lentinula edodes mushroom 3g (Shiitake Mushroom), Olea europaea leaf 2g (Olive tree leaf)

Better for you and the planet too



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