Rescue Sleep is a natural sleep aid. Rescue Sleep calms your restless mind providing natural relief of occasional sleeplessness caused by stress and repetitive thoughts. It works the same way the Original Bach Flower Rescue Remedy works, only the Sleep Remedy is more formulated to just that: SLEEP:

The beauty of Rescue Sleep is that it is non-habit forming, non sedative, there is no hangover of sleepiness and it is a fast acting remedy.  It works particularly well on Insomnia caused by stress and restless leg syndrome. The Bach Flower Rescue Sleep Remedy contains the following flower essences:

White Chestnut - to help ease restless mind
Star of Bethlehem - for trauma and shock
Clematis - for inattentiveness and to counteract faintness
Cherry Plum - for irrational thoughts and lack of self control
Impatiens - for irritability, tension and fidgety
Rock Rose - for frozen terror and panic

MARTIN & PLEASANCE Rescue Sleep Drops

  • Ingredients: Each mL contains 152mcL (equiv 15.2mcL of fresh plant) tinctures of Rock Rose (Helianthemum nummularium), Impatiens (Impatiens glandulifera), Clematis (Clematis vitalba), Star of Bethlehem (ornithogalum umbellatum), Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera), White Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum).

Better for you and the planet too



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