It is now safe and easy to assist common respiratory problems with simple solutions which have been used effectively within our successful clinics for many years. Natural Animal Solutions® RespraEze is a unique nutraceutical grade formulation, crafted using highly active laboratory tested ingredients. RespraEze is an effective, easy to administer natural formulation free from antibiotics.RespraEze has been formulated with key active ingredients containing biodynamic, pure herbal extracts for maximum concentration and effectiveness.

RespraEze 100ml

  • Ingredients White horehound, marshamallow, echinachea, licorice, golden seal, Andrographis. Directions Cats: Dilute recommended dosage in 3 - 5 ml of water. Dogs: Administer orally or add to feed. Dosage Cats: 2 - 3 drops x 2 daily Dogs: 10 kilo: 1ml x 2 daily 20 - 30 kilo: 2ml x 2 daily 30 - 40 kilo: 3ml x 2 daily 60 kilo: 4ml x 2 daily Testimonials PS - I had feedback from an Aussie Terrier owner that after only 2 doses... their puppy improved... they called me Dr. Paula. LOL -My cats spat out a lot of mucous the first couple of times I gave this, as it cleared their sinuses...They then had their sense of smell back and their appetites returned. It has cleared their air passages completely. Happy cats again! Ruth -My dog had a runny nose, was sneezing and had an irritated throat. RespraEze has given her relief! Sharon

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