The TC / Nature's Design "Air Ion" Sprayer has been based on the same design principles as other TC Energy Design products with the three wave shape.

The Air Ion Sprayer ejects a very fine mist that helps to regenerate stale or unhealthy air spaces. When filled with fresh, clean water (ideally from the TC Carafe), the spray from the Air Ion vitalises the environment with negative ions and clears energy. Many users report a fresh feeling, like the feeling of being out in nature in the vicinity of a tumbling waterfall.

All Air Ion Sprayers have the white Flower-of-Life design emblazoned into the base of the bottle, for additional positive influence.


  • The Air Ion is good for: freshening the air in an enclosed room cooling and vibrating your skin supporting and refreshing during physical exertion instant cooling and energetic support for hot flashes taking with you for the car, train, plane etc using with your plants, floral bouquets, roots and shoots, etc everywhere you need or would like an energetic, revitalising boost The Air Ion spray bottle comes with a small funnel to assist with filling the bottle.

Better for you and the planet too

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