The Great Vegan Bean Book By Kathy Hester 

The Great Vegan Bean Book

  • This book also serves as a primer on bean cookery — perfect for those of you just getting into the bean scene. I love the guide at the front of the book that describes each bean, how it tastes, and some ways to use them. She also covers various ways to cook beans, to soak or not to soak, and bean cooking times. Beans are central to nearly every world cuisine, and this fact is well-represented here. You'll find Mexican-spiced frijoles and Moroccan bean tagines alongside dishes like Hawaiian sliders and fried chickpea "chicken" and waffles. No fear of getting bored here! Kathy Hester also includes a fair number of sweet baked recipes that sneak beans into the mix: pancakes made with white beans and Devil's food cookies with black beans.

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