Thuja occidentalis - 30C

A homeopathic remedy commonly used in the treatment of:

•	Skin problems
•	menstrual pains
•	headaches
•	migraines
•	urogenital or respiratory problems.

Thuja is a good remedy for treating warts and other skin complaints, such as oily skin or weak nails. 

Physical symptoms it is given for include stress induced headaches, offensive smelling perspiration, over-excitement or exhaustion, tooth decay, swollen gums, chronic yellow/green phlegm and loss of appetite in the morning. 

Thuja is a good remedy for catarrh and sinusitis. It is also helpful for urogenital problems such as infections, genital warts and herpes, gonorrhea, ulcers and inflammation.

Thuja can also be effective for treating menstrual cramps, and ovarian cysts may respond to it. 

Thuja has the property of softening hard tissue.

Thuja Hope’s Homeopathics

  • Hope’s Homeopathics is an Australian owned and operated business, dedicated to locally manufacturing and supplying world class homeopathic medicine. Established 14 years ago by qualified Naturopath, Jacqueline Hope, Hope’s Homeopathics, has remained a trusted and reputable supplier of the highest quality homeopathic medicines nation-wide. After completing many years of study and training, Ms. Hope created a centre known as Hope Holistic Health, where she treated people in a holistic or ‘whole’ manner, as the name suggests. There, she practiced Naturopathy utilising an array of healing techniques including massage, Homeopathy, Reiki and Iridology, as well as the use of various plant and herb extracts.

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