Made with the maximum amount of organic ingredients.
Contains vitamins C & E, extracts of orange, grapefruit and chamomile for natural protection
reducing our impact on the environment at every stage of what we do from product design, manufacture, packaging and distribution to disposal.

Eg. bubble wrap packing replaced with biodegradable corn chips and corn derivatives instead of plastics in our packaging.

Always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment by:

Using energy-efficient, low-carbon manufacturing methods
Minimising waste
Conserving water
Making all our packaging recyclable
Using corn derivatives instead of plastics in packaging
Recycling our office and waste materials
Complying with all environmental laws and regulations
Complying with Good Manufacturing Practices for the Cosmetics Industry (section 5)
Giving our employees the right tools and training to minimise their environmental impact
All our products are accredited by Choose Cruelty Free – a non-profit organisation that promotes a cruelty free lifestyle.

Tints Of Nature

  • Tints of Nature is a new and highly effective range conditioning permanent hair colours. It employs an advanced formula to produce outstanding results whilst protecting and caring for your hair and scalp as naturally and gently as possible. Tints of Nature is the only range of hair colours to use high quality, certified organic ingredients. It contains no harsh chemicals, such as resorcinol or nonoxynol, thus guaranteeing damage free results without compromise. Gently covers grey hair. Colour: Natural Black 1N Tints of Nature natural range of colours runs from 1N to 10N. These colours, with the suffix "N", are designed to cover grey hair and give a natural result. The fashion colours 4CH, 4RR, 4M. will add tone to natural hair. To cover grey hair with a fashion colour you must mix it with a natural colour in equal amounts, eg mix half 4RR with half 3N for two uses. Vegan. Certified cruelty-free by Choose Cruelty Free Australia. Contains no ammonia or ammonia substitutes or paragons. Accreditation by Choose Cruelty Free means we don’t test on animals & that no animals have been harmed in order to manufacture their ingredients or products.

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