Tripe is a highly nutritious ingredient favoured by dogs and contained in ZiwiPeak ‘Daily-Dog’ Moist Cuisine – Tripe, Lamb and Venison dog food. ZiwiPeak uses only green tripe that is cold washed. It is not bleached or scalded, so it retains its full nutritional value. Tripe provides the right balance of calcium and phosphorous along with protein, fat, enzymes and good bacteria to aid digestion and muscular development. Cans available 6oz (170g) and 13oz (370g).

ZiwiPeak ‘Daily Dog’ Tripe, Lamb, Venison Can

  • ZiwiPeak moist Tripe, Lamb & Venison is particularly suitable for: Growing puppies needing extra energy. Dogs recovering from injury or sickness. Dogs that have allergy issues from grains and carbohydrates. Dogs that have suffered from digestion issues. Dogs that have exhibited skin and coat problems in the past. Dogs that have suffered from allergic reactions to other protein sources, grains or other meats. Dogs that suffer from restricted mobility or who have joint issues. Dogs that are requiring a stricter weight control programme. Dogs that suffer from Renal issues such as; chronic renal failure, urinary crystals, kidney failure, pancreatitis, IBS & IBD.

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