Recycle your batteries at Battery world.





You can keep any old batteries in a box or upcycled container.. take them to battery world to be recycled.



Ewaste can be collected with infoactive

if you keep in touch with their Facebook page they regularly have collection dates in all kinds of places for ewaste


    Cash for Containers


The Boomerang Alliance


Garbage Guru

Got a type of rubbish you don't know what to do with? Ask the GG. So cool.

Take the pledge not to litter





Responsible Runners

Clean up the beaches all over Australia every Sunday, join one or start one up in your area


Not in Cronulla anymore but was for a few years. Feel free to start one up.

Terra Cycle

launched in Australia in April 2014 

A company that creates all kinds of products from customers rubbish-join up with them to get a shipping label, send in your rubbish.





Anna Minns is General Manager of Terracycle Australia, a company dedicated to creating recycling solutions for just about anything.

What’s involved in developing a recycling solution for “difficult” waste like the Nescafé capsules?

More often than not, companies approach us about a solution for their product’s waste stream.

Nescafé Dolce Gusto joined with TerraCycle to provide a second life for used Nescafé Dolce Gusto capsules, so Australians can now collect, store and ship their capsules from home or work for free.

For the current Nescafé Dolce Gusto Capsule Brigade we do not collect any other brand of capsules, only Nescafé Dolce Gusto capsules. If consumers are interested in a particular waste stream we suggest they let their favourite brand know about TerraCycle’s work! We hope in time to be collecting more and more “unrecyclable” waste.


Can goodwill be infectious enough for the majority of manufacturing companies to take responsibility for end of life of their product, or will they need to be pushed into it by legislation?


 As the circular economy is increasingly gaining traction in our region many companies are looking to circular solutions rather than linear solutions of ‘take, make, then dispose’.

TerraCycle works with many major FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) companies, as well as small brands, to create a voluntary product stewardship scheme that diverts everyday consumer products and packaging that are difficult to recycle such as toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, coffee capsules and even cigarette butts, from landfill, and instead into new products creating circular solutions. The recycling system creates a collection model open to the public.

Australia has one of the highest rates of waste generation per capita in the world and in fact, world waste is also expected to double by 2025. Government schemes and extended producer responsibility laws may be slow in coming to effect to deal with growing waste issues. TerraCycle’s solutions are readily available and the onus is on both brands to consider a solution to an increasing problem as well as consumers to use their buying power as a ‘vote’ for sustainability.


From The Switch Report


Recycling & Waste 

Recycle your organic matter through this company

Better for you and the planet too



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