Where can you find Renewable energy companies in Australia? Via Greenpeace's guide 



Pingala is a volunteer community group dedicated to Renewable Energy generation and raising awareness on the importance of community renewable energy also in the works of establishing community owned renewable energy. Citizens and large establishments will be able to use, invest in and generate renewable energy.



They are a not-for-profit, incorporated association, run purely by volunteers who are members of the community of greater Sydney. 



What is Community Renewable Energy?


The following explanation comes from Community Power Agency

Community Renewable Energy or CRE for short is an approach to renewable energy development that involves significant levels of community participation and/or ownership. At the Community Power Agency we talk about the 3Ds of community energy – CRE projects:

  • Decarbonise our energy supply through using renewable energy or low carbon technologies;

  • Decentralise and localize our energy supply; and

  • Democratise our energy governance through community ownership and participation.

Just as there is no one size fits all definition of community, there is no one definition of community renewables. Indeed the sheer diversity of community renewable energy projects is what makes this sector so beneficial. These projects come in many shapes and sizes, growing from the diverse needs and available resources of the local community. It might be anything from PV on a school roof to a 4-turbine wind farm on the edge of town to a small hydro system owned by two nearby villages. Projects vary by technology, size, structure, governance and funding options. Even people's motivations for setting such a project up will vary. 



Want to make your carbon footprint greener? All the tools you need are here



A fantastic new energy guide from Greenpeace Australia Pacific letting you know which energy companies are the cleanest. Not surprisingly, the largest & most well known ones are also the worst. Just like switching banks, switching over something like this is another fantastic way to avoid indirectly funding unethcial companise  Ie: coal seam gas mines  Stop them from coming to a town near you. 

As always, you have the power to choose

who to give your money to (unless you live

in WA!) so why not consider supporting the

few, smaller companies who are doing things

in a better way, rather than going for maximum

profits at the expense of our future. FYI, the worst ones are Origin Energy,

EnergyAustralia and AGL though they sometimes

market themselves as environmentally consciou

s, don't let them fool you, their efforts are

minor & just to make them look good.  

Renewable Energy

Better for you and the planet too



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