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Nature’s Design products are brought to you by the same people who create the beautiful TC Energy Design glassware. These new designs are based on the same principles of form and structure as the TC Energy Design products. They have also been made using traditional techniques perfected by European craftsmen.

All twelve pieces are specially shaped to energise and revitalise whatever goes in – on – or near them!

These beautiful glass and porcelain products are carefully conceived in accordance with the golden-ratio, making every piece genuinely pleasing to the eye and energetically in alignment with the flow of life force energy. The exciting new ivory-coloured porcelain products are manufactured according to traditional methods of ceramic fabrication, yet they are dishwasher safe.


How did his glassware come about?

His extensive research in the area of musical form composition has helped him develop a completely new approach to design. He has created “form from sound” by translating his musical compositions into mathematically measurable shapes - finally resulting in the beautiful, harmonically balanced forms of TC glassware.

Chochola spent many years in the glassworks of the Austrian Waldviertel-area experimenting with glass vessels and their relation to his own compositions. From the very beginning, he based his work on two fundamental principles – “Aesthetics” and “Energy” - which influenced not only the beauty of the design, but the vitality of TC glassware.

TC glassware are unique masterpieces of form and harmony, musical compositions in glass. Their subtle waves complement each other, like in an old master’s symphony. Thomas Chochola composes his designs on his piano and subsequently converts his musical notes into spatial dimensions. Using the ancient wisdom of legendary master builders of cathedrals, he creates powerful forms which strengthen and stabilise biological vitality.

“Journeys through life tell stories about the quest for visions and the discovery of them. My life line starts with the complete portrayal of a little maladjusted human being. Provided with a deformed left leg, soon a strong longing for harmony and a profound dedication to the ideal of a socially accepted form of being different was aroused in me. The maturity of time let me experience unexpected adventures of rejection and affection of different systems representing spiritual, psychological and profanely sensual offers.

“Already at that time a deep, unfathomably comprehensive friendship with a world of perception started, which seen from today’s perspective has become the real guidepost on my way of life. It is the touching contact with the world of SOUND.

“Experiencing the emotional world of a jazz musician I had soon adopted a thoughtful attitude when the wonderful day of being guided towards a new fascinating entity of a sound space enriched my life as a result of an occupational disease. Unable to further create sounds of emotions and yet yearning for real harmony with my beloved saxophone I started to re-organise the various puzzle pieces of my existence. My profession as a bridge and road builder was connected with my psychological study and led to the creation of a harmonious whole thanks to the re-considered competence of a comprehensive SOUND consciousness. In a permeating way, I came to know about the essence and power of a true understanding of sound. Life as meaningfully organised movement, pulsations of the grand – vibrations of the tiny – everything was perceived as a comprehensive SOUND performance.”

Thomas Chochola

SOUND is at the foundation of an idea which expresses music as the perception of geometry. TC energy design mirrors this perception, creating a respectful and harmonious way forward for responsible and conscious people, who welcome and long for the harmony of the world - their heads held high and with open arms.

The power of form has been known in many cultures of the world for thousands of years. Water is also very sensitive to surrounding forms. The key principle of TC glassware is biological valorisation of  by using the extraordinary action of water with forms.


TC Energy Design is an international company. More and more people around the globe are discovering the astounding energetic effect of TC carafes, tumblers and fountains by Thomas Chochola and enjoy the comfort and health they bring to their lives.




TC logo:

The protected logo by TC design has been developed from a 12-dimensional basic structure. According to the scientist and mathematician the holistic existence is based on a 12-dimensional hierarchy. Geometry is thereby an essentially efficient module, from which life’s efficacy can be derived and defined. The symbolic powers of the naturally harmonising forces inherent in the TC logo sustain the biological valency of the TC glassware too.

the design concept

“TC energy design” glassware is the result of a decade-long study by Thomas Chochola (TC). As an engineer and accomplished musician, he studied the geometry of the waved structure of Major Chords. When measured, this geometry can be mathematically expressed as the ratio 1:3:5:8, also known as the “Fibbonacci sequence”, the “Golden Ratio” or “Sacred Geometry”. Many natural formations throughout the cosmos are constructed in this ratio, from the spiral of a Nautilus shell, to the fractal patterns of coastlines, to the spiral of a galaxy.

All products are made from high quality materials. A few are made by machine - this will be indicated in their description - but most are manufactured by hand. Minor imperfections and variations in the shape are a typical indication of hand-crafted fabrication. If you notice any small ("cosmetic") imperfection, you may be assured that this will not affect the performance of the product or diminish its efficacy in any way.

Chocola’s research led him to experiment with the idea of creating “form from sound”. After many years in the glassworks of the Austrian Waldviertel area, composing music and trialling various shapes of glass vessels, he finally developed the harmonic shapes of the glassware that are now “TC energy designs”.

“Nature’s Design” glassware and fine porcelain products have also been designed according to these principles. They are manufactured for the same company, by the same artisans – they have simply been packaged under a different brand name.

Throughout this website, “TC energy design” and “Nature’s Design” will often be referred to or described as “TC/ND”. The properties, features and benefits attributed to the term “glassware” below should also be transferred/applied to the Shinno fine porcelain products.

How does it work?

The unique shape of TC energy design glassware generates an energising resonance field that improves the quality, taste, texture and digestibility of drinkable liquids,

The vibration emitted by the glassware is tuned to the primary wave structure of the Major Chords (different pieces resonate to different notes). Throughout human history, wise men and scholars have observed the effects of harmonic sound and the beneficial energy that sound vibrations can generate.

As renowned Japanese structured-water expert Masaru Emoto explains:

“All things vibrate, and they vibrate at their own frequencies... The fact that everything is in a state of vibration also means that everything is creating sound... Whether we can hear the sound or not, we can say that the unique frequency of all objects can be interpreted as sound.”

[*Masaru Emoto (2003) “Healing Messages in Water”]

The geometrically balanced shape of TC/ND glassware creates a resonance chamber, comparable to the resonance chamber of a violin. The form itself does not generate music, but a harmonic vibration, described as a “resonance field”. This field extends beyond the glassware to the surrounding environment, emitting subtle waves of harmonic resonance throughout the room. Liquid molecules are particularly sensitive to these vibrations. Water molecules that have been damaged by the high pressure of water pipes, for example, will begin to restructure themselves within a few minutes of being in the glassware.

Why is this important?

All bodily systems must operate in harmony for optimal good health. The quality of the food and drink you consume influences the health and harmonious flow of these systems, as does stress and environmental factors. In fact, up to 200 rhythms influence the harmonious inter-play of the systems of the human body.

Research indicates that the use of TC/ND glassware improves the human biological system. According to these reports, brain wave activities indicate an improvement in stress levels after consuming liquid from TC energy design/Nature’s Design glassware. Product users report an improvement in general health and wellbeing after drinking water from TC/ND glassware.​

The engagement of TC/ND glassware with biological factors can be described as an example of “coherence” phenomenon, where the coherence between individual parts reinforces the whole. The outstanding quality of TC/ND glassware offers a simple, affordable means to put the complex coherences of the natural world at your disposal in everyday life.

What are the patterns on the glassware?

The strength of the revitalising effect of TC energy design/Nature’s Design glassware has been further reinforced in many pieces by the addition of the Sacred Flower pattern in the base (also known as “Sacred Geometry” or “Flower of Life”). Fired in fine detail at more than 600 degrees C (1100 F), TC energy design also applies colour-therapy and positive affirmations in the base of the Mythos Tumblers to increase the positive influence on the liquid.

The resonance field generated by the glassware with the additional influence of the coloured sacred geometry and positive affirmations not only influence the liquid within, but improves and re-energises the space surrounding the glassware - up to 3m away from a carafe, for example. This phenomenon, known as “entrainment”, is described as an extension of life-force energy, because of the energising and revitalising influence these vibrations have on the health of people, animals and plants.

How is it made?

Traditional craftsmanship is necessary for the production of TC/ND glassware. Each carafe is mouth-blown using an individual, preformed mould. This makes every carafe a unique work of art. All glassware dimensions have been musically fine-tuned to emit a Major Triad. Relations and distances between curves correlate with the rules of Sacred Geometry

The glass used to make TC/ND glassware is approximately 40% silica sand, which is known to be a highly energetic medium. The glass is also completely free of lead or any other heavy metals. The Flower-Of-Life symbols are emblazoned onto the bottom of the glass base at 600 degrees Celsius (approx. 1100 F). The TC/ND carafe is suitable for daily use. Always handwash your glassware and keep out of direct sunlight.

Thomas Chochola, musician, engineer
and creator of TC Energy Design.

TC energy design​​​​​​/Natures Design

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