Awesome products! What a great range of stuff you can actually rely on without having to worry about marketing and tricky wording. I know Nerissa personally and can vouch for her genuine spirit in defending the environment. She is a beautiful, gentle soul who wants only the best for all of us including mother earth and puts her money where her mouth is  Well done, Everything Eco - can't wait to see more!!!






WOOO! The Nahri is lovely and has some great products available! I just got the reusable metal straws and the natural scrubbing pad for the kitchen- great range and so nice to use eco friendly products :)


Nikki Naks

From Delicious Skin




Thank you so much for the essences- they were amazing. I was really struggling with self acceptance and self love and I didn't notice it at first, but my sister pointed out that I seemed calmer and wasn't being so negative and hard on myself- something my sister was always trying to support me with. And the effects have been long lasting and I am feeling more confident in myself and I have even started a relationship with a lovely man! Thanks agaon and I highly recommend the Tribe of Tree essences


Gemma Hicks


Byron Bay 



I ordered the Yantra acupressure mat through Everything Eco, the owner Nerissa, was absolutely lovely to deal with and very helpful. Prompt response and speedy service. Highly recommend this shop!


Sona Alexandra Pamboukhtchian

Socially Concious Cakes




Lots of cool Eco stuff to choose from! Nerissa, the owner, is really nice and down to earth, literally. I wish all shops are as eco-friendly as EEco. Keep it up!


Mercid Lyka


The Makery

The Phillipines



I've always enjoyed the various products I've bought from Everything Eco, and it always feeling good benefitting from the effort and care which has gone into sourcing them. I've enjoyed a range of items from here, from healthcare to chocolate to travel gear. It's a great range and has always been very affordable, so I'm very happy to support it.




Eamonn O'Flaherty

Contact Dance Teacher




Love the range and the integrity of this site. Got my sacred geometry carafe and glasses, and my water has never tasted better!Definitely the perfect resource for transitioning to an eco life.


Mason Taylor    




Love the Biologika lavender soap and it's such a pretty colour! The Acure face scrub is glorious, gentle but still very effective.


Edwina Gustafson Vegan

Pet Psychic



I absolutely love the HURRAW! Lipbalm.... it's so hard finding a good lip balm that doesn't dry out my lips, let along one that's organic too. And the earl grey scent of bergamot is delish. I really want to try the tinted ones too!


Lacey Kats




Just loving the products ~ Especially Andalou CC Rose Stem Cell



Lara Matthews 



Thanks for our beautiful sacred geometry caraffe and glasses! They really are incredibly beautiful, I love them! It was just what we needed to boost the quality of our spring water. Thanks for the wonderful service you're providing, Nerissa! ♥


Kate West


Loving the Hurraw lip balm, just a bit of tint + cinnamon flavour + no animal ingredients. Perfection, thank you. :)


Janelle Hatch

Find Vegan



Amazing stuff. I got a waterbottle I like. Glass and protected by cork. Nice mandala on the base. Woot


Damien Bodnarchuk




Amazing safe eco friendly products! All in one spot!


Karin Huchatz 



This is the best sunscreen (Wot Not) that I've ever used. Love it & I'm happy with it on the kids too.


Matt Menzies

Surfer, Sydney




A great website! Lots of useful information!


Paul Van Slyke




Neri, you do a great job and your site offers everyone the opportunity to do good for the planet, thank you and well done :)


Max Lemme 






I love the fresh and healthy food healthy lifestyle

Elka Stefanovska





Great range of products, I used the Chlorella by Yaeyama Pacifica, great product. Nerissa knows her stuff.

Sarah L Roebuck 





At Everything Eco you can find beautiful products that have never been tested on animals, are clean, non toxic, and taken straight from locally sourced plants and minerals. I think that Nerissa's done such a great job in sourcing a range of products that work beautifully without causing any harm to the environment.


James Pedersen

Pedersen Architecture





This website is fantastic, it not only has a great range of products but I feel like I can genuinely trust its intentions and claims which is really rare these days. The products and information aim to be as environmental and animal and planet friendly as possible and generally encourage us to lead a more healing and positively impacting lifestyle. Highly recommend!


Lena Banzer


Soo much cool stuff!I LOVE my sacred geometry glass water bottle.Thanks Nerissa you are such a little Eco-warrior.


Jamie-lee Rose Shand

Bondi White and Bright




Love this webstore! Packed full of useful, well designed eco friendly products!The bamboo cutlery and reusable Chicobag's(made from recycled plastic water bottles) came in so handy in recent travels...

Ricky Abbonizio

Bio-dynamic Food Marketer



 This site has EVERYTHING! Took me a while to check out the whole range, but its really a one stop shop literally - "EVERYTHING" eco! Also, The woman who runs it is spectacular, so not only do you get the items you need, but you get to support an awesome human being at the same time. WIN WIN!


Adam Taylor







Everything Eco is a revolutionary but easy way of making our way of life sustainable on this planet ...We have been for the last 20 years at least, suffering a Climate and Eco crisis which is threatening the very survival of all living beings and Everything Eco is doing it's little bit to help transition us to a holistic, sustainable way of living beyond this crisis ...Congratulations go to Everything Eco for this most valuable, life- saving work that you are doing !!!


Peter Thompson 


I I love love love the Wotnot baby wipes. They are super soft and chemical free, just how I like my baby products to be. You have a great range of products and I'll be back for more! Thanks Everything Eco. 


Stacey Hicks


Excellent services and delivery quick, must trade it again




Fennie Ng

Hong Kong

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