Wondering if you could please maybe also ask the bunnies if they have anything they want to say... can I treat them better? And how do they feel... about life and about me?

Ac Reading on Willow Nerissa Dowling’s Rabbit
January 19, 2018

Hi Nerissa. I’ve finally connected to your handsome man Willow. He came in a bit slow and not totally sure of himself but as soon as he realized that it was me he relaxed and calmed down. It’s great because he remembers me connecting with him when we had those video chats.
I’m going to start off by asking him one of your questions. I ask him how he feels about life right now and he says “I feel good. I’m always looking over my head right now. I feel there is something in the trees and I’m not sure of what it is. It moves through and I can hear it in the branches…But I’m just not sure.” I ask him if he feels he’s in any kind of danger and he says “No it’s not dangerous but I want to know who it is. It moves around more at night then during the day. I can’t see very well at night so I just can’t see it.” I’m not sure of the night time animals you have but I’m wondering if it’s a bat type thing? Do you have all the things you need? He says “Yes…I do!! I have more than I need. I love that I have so much room and I can go inside and outside whenever I feel the need. I love being with my partner, Bella. She likes to tell me where to go sometimes but I’m used to it now.” Lol. Silly girls are always telling silly boys where to go.


I ask him how he feels about you and he says “I love Nerissa. She’s a good person with a huge heart. Sometimes she worries too much about us….but I get it. I tell her all the time not to fuss over us so much. We could survive in the wild if we needed to…but she’s a bit shut off from my language right now. But that’s ok…I’ll always tell her that we are ok. Unless something isn’t ok then she’ll know because we hide. She’s always picked up on this before. I like my box and the green thing we can hide under (this to me looks like a big lid to something…maybe a small pool upside down? Or a lid to a small kids pool? Not really sure what it is though). I’ve been noticing that she’s not really got her mind with us when she’s with us lately. It seems like she’s somewhere else. I find it hard to be held by her when she’s not with me mentally.” I ask him why this is. He says “Well I’m a rabbit…We have to have quick responses if we are to survive.” Lol…makes sense. I see him thumping a lot lately. I think he might be a bit nervous in general. He responds to this with “I’m not nervous just cautious. Bella leaves and I get very cautious. I tell her it’s harder for her to get to the box if she’s over the yard but she says the grass is lush over there. I’ve been a few times but it’s more open than our yard so I only go when I want something different to do.” I don’t remember him being so chatty. I’m happy about it though.

I ask Willow if he or Bella have anything they want to say to you and he says “Yes I do. Please tell her I don’t like being in the water. Also tell her that I love her and how much she cares for us. We are so happy to have someone who doesn’t put us in a cage. We LOVE to roam and explore and the bunny fits(?) we have are out of pure joy!!” I think he means when he jumps in the air and looks like a bucking bronco. He showed me himself doing it. Lol. Sooo freaking cute. I guess the part about the water gives you your answer about the pool…Well I hope it does anyway.  He continues to say “We love the treats she brings. I love them more but Bella knows this so sometimes she takes more than her share…just to be rude! But I’m ok with it as with everything else. Our roles have shifted since we lost the other ones. I used to be a bit more of a bossy boy but now I’m easing into our relationship. I’m just happy to have Bella so I’ll agree with her…ALL of the time. I love that Nerissa comes out and talks to us. I may move away from her but I’m still listening to her.” Why do you move away? “I move away because I’m not sure about her energy sometimes. It goes back to that part of her not being in her own mind when she’s with us. In rabbits when one is not in their own mind that is when we are the most vulnerable. Things can get us at this time. So we are always aware of what’s going on with us. I think the word you use is hyper aware. When she is like this I feel much more vulnerable. AND when she picks me up when she is like this I just feel fear.” I can understand this fear. Maybe before you go to hold them do a bit of a meditation session and be very mindful of yourself and how you’re feeling. Take a few deep breaths and if they seem squirmish or like they’re scrambling to get down maybe take this as a cue to come back to yourself. I have always said we don’t get the animals we want, we get the animals we need.

I see Willow’s cute little bum going off to smell something under a tree and he turns around and says “I have to find Bella.” I ask him if this is goodbye and he says “Yes. It is. Goodbye.” He gives his tail a little bob and goes on his way. Lol…So sweet and soooo soft!!

Thank you Nerissa for letting me talk to your handsome little dude. I loved talking to him and he was a very good talker.

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